Time for sugar swaps

Did you know that there are seven sugar cubes in a can of fizzy pop? From sugary cereals to after school snacks and puddings in the evening, it’s surprising just how much sugar there is in some of the food and drinks we give children every day.

This can damage their health because sugar means extra calories which cause fat to build up and this can lead to heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes. Don’t forget that eating too much sugar can also cause tooth decay.

To help you and your kids cut back on sugar all you need to do is sign up to Change4Life Sugar Swaps to find out about healthy alternatives. There are loads of great ideas to help you throughout the day: 

  • Breakfast swap – some cereals are full of sugar so why don’t you try out some healthier alternatives such as porridge? You can add some chopped banana to make it the perfect start to the day for you and your children.
  • Drinks swap – swap those cans of fizzy pop for sugar-free drinks, water or lower-fat milk.
  • After school snack swap – replace chocolate, cake and crisps with carrot sticks or unsalted nuts to keep the kids going through until dinner time.
  • Pudding swap – you can still enjoy a treat in the evening by making a healthy blackberry and apple crunch with some oats and low fat yoghurt. There are lots more tasty pudding recipes on the Change4Life website.

To find out about more ways to reduce your family’s sugary intake and get your FREE pack full of tips and money off vouchers, visit the Healthy Surrey website.

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