Read on. Get on
Let's get every child in the UK reading well

Read On. Get On is a national campaign to get all our children reading well by the age of 11

At the moment far too many kids are leaving primary school without this key skill - including 40% of all our poorest children. The Read On. Get On mission is to change this for good so that by 2025 all our children will start secondary school as confident readers.

Everyone can do something - just 10 minutes reading a day with a child makes a huge difference and helps them fall in love with reading. It will take everyone, parents, grandparents, business, volunteers, teachers, celebrities and politicians, to crack this problem once and for all.

Will you play your part?

See our video:

Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything.

Ten minute read - Sign up to get some top tips to get your children reading, reading for just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to children's reading skills.

Tell politicians to act - Sign the Read on. Get on petition asking all the party leaders to commit to making sure that every child leaves primary school reading well by 2025.

Volunteer to read - Sign up to volunteer and help poorer families in your local community improve their reading, their confidence and prospects.

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